The Transference of Knowledge

It's not just learning...it's development.

We create high-quality, digital learning content, by designing or repurposing materials into a highly engaging usable digital format. 

Need to improve processes?

Our Quick Launch Process is the recipe for capturing and documenting your processes and procedures. Our visual documentation methods create a winning formula for successful repetition of proven processes. To scale in business, you need a consistent, vibrant method of transferring knowledge when onboarding, restructuring and training. Operational success depends on your employees having visual, narrated documented procedures. You want them to do well, but more importantly, they want to do well.

Video capture processes, transcribe and turn into a great training tool. Here is an example of our work for Atlantic Building Components.

Lean on us to help you design, develop and manage your projects.

Need to quickly launch a new course?

Fast, cost effective capturing processes

Knowledge transfer in multiple mediums

Need to empower your workforce?

We are living through a fundamental transformation in the way we work. The goal is to improve the critical thinking of employees in a fast-paced environment.

Questions We Help You Solve

What capabilities do we need to develop people?

Can our culture help employees thrive?

How can we transfer knowledge effectively? 

What tools do we need to validate & assess?


We engage and transform your team to elevate their knowledge, skills and critical thinking to energize productivity, improve customer satisfaction and drive growth people and bottom-line results?

Our services are designed to...

  • Improve performance through knowledge gained

  • Strengthen organizational alignment throughout

  • Bolster a culture of engagement and innovation

  • Transform leaders into servant leaders who coach

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